Tasha Boerner

California State Assemblywoman 76th District

Catherine Blakespear

Encinitas Mayor

Dwight Worden

Del Mar Mayor

Kellie Hinze

Encinitas City Councilmember

Rick She

San Diego County Board of Education President

Katrina Young

SDUHSD Board Member

Julie Bronstein

SDUHSD Board Member

Marla Strich

EUSD Board President

Emily Andrade

Marlon Taylor

EUSD Board Member

Jodie Williams

EUSD Board Member

Carol Skiljan

EUSD Board Member

Eric Joyce

OUSD Board Member

Honorable Judge James F. Stiven

Beth Hergesheimer

SDUHSD Trustee

"A leader is one who cares about his community, Rimga does".

Anna Hallen Community leader

"He is a reliable, committed and responsible person, I don't see why not give him my vote".

Rodney Stratton Schoolboard member

"For our society and community, education is an engine that must always be running".

James McMahon Local owner